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Update: Changes to the Professional Foresters Act

December 16, 2021

Bill 13 Supporting People and Business Act, 2021 received royal assent on December 2, 2021 and the changes to the Professional Foresters Act therefore came into effect upon that date. These changes refine the scope of practice of professional foresters and will allow the public to better understand their role.

You can find the changes on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website:

View the updated Professional Foresters Act, 2000 here.


What are the benefits of these changes? 

These changes include new definitions, rewording the scope of professional forestry, and clearer wording related to protecting the title used by professional foresters. The changes more clearly define professional forestry and reduce overlap with different occupations that also work in forestry. Please note that the changes do not include any changes to Regulation 145/01 ; that is there is no change to the occupations that are excluded.

  1. For the public: A clearer description of the scope of practice of a professional forester raises awareness of what a professional forester does, and means that the public will be more informed when making inquiries or if they are filing a concern or complaint with the OPFA. 
  2. For employers and landowners: Clearer definitions and scope of practice mean that employers and landowners will have a better understanding of when they would benefit from hiring a professional forester. 
  3. For OPFA Members: A clearer definition of what professional foresters do, with less overlap with other occupations that work in forestry, allows professional foresters to be secure in their role in the workplace. The changes also provide better title protection and ensure that only professional foresters may portray themselves as such.
  4. For the OPFA: Clearer definitions and scope of practice, with less overlap with other professions working in forestry, and better title protection enable the OPFA to respond to inquiries and address concerns and complaints more effectively. 

Next steps:

The OPFA looks forward to continuing to collaborate with other professions and occupations that provide valuable environmental and business services to the people and employers in Ontario, in areas beyond changes to our governing regulations.