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Endangered Species Act Update: Government Response Statements

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has published final government response statements for the following four species at risk under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA):

Cerulean Warbler
Gillman’s Goldenrod
Red-headed Woodpecker
Spoon-leaved Moss

Ontario provides protections for species at risk and their habitats under the ESA. The government works with stakeholders, Indigenous peoples and the public to improve the effectiveness of the species at risk program, so that we can continue to help preserve Ontario’s rich biodiversity for generations to come.

As required by the ESA, the province has published these government response statements, which are species-specific policies that identify and prioritize actions to protect and recover a species, in response to recommendations in recovery strategies. These statements provide policy direction to government and partners about what should be done to recover each of these species at risk.

In developing these government response statements, the Ontario government considered the advice from the recovery strategies and input from the public, stakeholders, and Indigenous communities and organizations.

To view the Environmental Registry policy decision notice please visit Environmental Registry of Ontario.

To view the final government response statements, please visit the links above.