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Practising Forestry

Practising Forestry

As specified in the Professional Foresters Act 2000, the Ontario Professional Foresters Association (OPFA) is responsible for regulating the practice of professional forestry in Ontario. As part of this responsibility, the Association has an ongoing obligation to increase public awareness regarding the role of the Association and its Members.

OPFA’s strategic plan guides Council’s attention to achievement of its mandate and is reviewed every three years.

Becoming a Professional Forester

If you are someone who has a passion for the natural environment, the outdoors, and Ontario’s forests, consider a career as a Registered Professional Forester. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities in Ontario’s forest sector that involve being indoors as well, if bugs and wide open spaces aren’t your thing. The most straightforward way to become an R.P.F. is to complete a Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB) accredited post-secondary university forestry program. If you have not graduated from an accredited Canadian forestry program you will have to go through a competency assessment to have your training and experience evaluated. Information on the OPFA registration process, including the pathways to Full Membership (R.P.F.) and Associate Membership (Associate R.P.F.)  can be found here. Take your passion for the natural environment, the outdoors and forests to the next level.

Complaints & Discipline

OPFA has Complaints & Discipline committees to deal with complaints against members from the public, members and the OPFA. The purpose of these committees is to ensure a high standard of professional practice by members of the Association and to protect the public interest.

Career Opportunities

Whether applying for your first position as an R.P.F. or looking for that fresh start, here are some opportunities for you.

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