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Becoming a Professional Forester   >   Reconsideration & Appeal

Reconsideration & Appeal

In the event the Registration Committee decides not to issue a membership certificate , an individual may request the committee to reconsider their decision. The Professional Forester’s Act, 2000 spells out the process for an individual to request reconsideration.  This request must be:

  1. In writing via email (, fax (905-877-6766) or hardcopy (mailed to the OPFA’s office);
  2. Served on the Registrar within 60 days after the notice under subsection 20(1) of the Act is served on the applicant; and
  3. Accompanied by the fee prescribed by OPFA by-laws for the purpose.

Please refer to the Professional Foresters Act, 2000 for more detail which starts at section 20(4) of the Act.

If an applicant for registration is dissatisfied with a decision of the Registration Committee, made under the Act after requesting reconsideration by the Registration Committee specified in the Act, the applicant may appeal in writing (via email, fax or hardcopy as noted above) to OPFA’s Registration Appeal Committee within 30 days of the decision stating the basis of their appeal, the remedy sought and providing any relevant materials (OPFA By-Laws 2014, Article 11.36).

The Registration Committee shall provide to the Registration Appeal Committee its written reasons for the decision, any written response to the appeal and any related materials.

The Registration Appeal Committee shall, within a reasonable time (usually within 60 days), conduct any further inquiries it deems appropriate and provide to the applicant and the Registration Committee a written decision confirming or modifying the Registration Committee’s decision, substituting its own decision or setting aside the decision and referring the matter back to the Registration Committee with direction regarding modification of its earlier process.

The Registration Committee and the Registrar shall implement the decision of the Registration Appeal Committee.

If you wish assistance with this process, please contact OPFA’s office.