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Employers: Advertise Your Job

Posting your Forestry Positions

Job Ads will be:
•    Posted on our “Job Opportunities” page for up to 30 days;
•    Cost-effective at a cost of $60;
•    Available 24 hours per day – the OPFA gets over 40,000 page visits every month

This will assist you in finding the best people possible for your positions.

We will invoice you – payment is by cheque, VISA or MASTERCARD.  For invoicing, email us the name of the contact person in your organization and your full mailing address.  If you wish to pay by credit card, call us with your information.  For security reasons, please do not send your credit card number via email.

Ad Content – Consider the following headings/aspects in your ad:
•    Position Title
•    Company Name.  If a graphic is to be used, please send a .gif or .jpg file
•    Company information including address, phone number, website, email, etc.
•    Location
•    Responsibilities
•    Requirements
•    Salary and Benefits
•    Submission Requirements
•    Deadline Date
•    File Number
•    Name and Address to respond to

In addition, for OPFA purposes:
•    Date and time the ad is to start and be removed
•    Contact person (name, phone and e-mail)

Please get in touch to submit your job for review and approval by the OPFA jobs coordinator before it appears online. Only jobs related to Forestry will be approved for posting.

OPFA’s Professional Forester Newsletter Advertising:

Career opportunities may also be included in the Professional Forester Newsletter published in March, June, September and December of each year.

Advertising rates:  Full Page $300; ¾ Page $225; ½ Page $150; ¼ Page $75

For more information contact the OPFA office.

Post a Job


Enter a BRIEF description of the position in the text box below. The description will be formatted and displayed in the OPFA JOB POSTING page.

Description must be 100 words or LESS. Please upload a PDF of the full job description in the upload area below.

Preferred Posting Date (1st day to post on site)

Please Note: Postings are removed after ONE month unless an extension is requested. Contact our administrator at to request an extension.

Primary Contact

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Billing Contact

The billing contact is for the Job Coordinator's use only and will not be displayed in the posting.